The pictures I have painted during my time in Italy are all made with acrylic paint, mainly because it allows me to apply multiple layers of paint very quickly. The paintings use the same formal vocabulary as the works I made for the Departure series: intense hues, interlocking shapes, dynamic compositions, and a complex layered surface of transparent, semi-opaque, and impasto paint.

These pictures are maps of my experience adjusting to life in Italy. Instead of depicting the Italy I see (e.g. landscape or architecture), I chose to attempt expressive descriptions of my sensual and psychological reactions to my new environment.

The dead are omnipresent in Italy, partly because the dense interweaving of their legacies is tangible and visible in monuments, buildings, artwork, and even landscape. In the years prior to my arrival here, several of my friends passed away, and others have departed since then. The Ghost paintings in this series are meditations on their memories.

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