Colori Autunnali

This series complements Luce Autunnale, and its pictures were shot concurrently with the pictures in that series. I therefore followed the same guidelines I used to make Luce Autunnale:

  1. Shoot only with a 35mm prime lens.
  2. Shoot handheld, without a tripod. Do not use a flash to provide additional light.
  3. Make use of hyperfocal distance to maximize depth of field.

In both series, I discovered that this three item ruleset naturally worked well for “street” photography, shooting pictures of people in city locations. That practice makes me extremely uneasy, so I figured I should probably do it.

While Colori Autunnali captures some of the value complexity present in Luce Autunnale, its primary concern is chromatic complexity (as its title implies). The Autumn sunlight in Italia this year seemed to intensify every hue — even the most subtle colors pop and sing. I really took notice this effect during a sunny day at the Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo, and after that, I actively sought it out as I made these pictures.

Click on each picture to see it in its entirety.