2017 Cortona Skies

This year I continued making pictures of Cortona skyscapes, with two important changes to the process I used for the 2016 Cortona Skies series.

In January, my dog became very ill, and by early March he no longer had the strength to go on long walks around Cortona. I would never have discovered many of the sites I shot from (and continue to shoot from) if I had not been following him as he explored the Toscana countryside. He passed away in May, and with his departure a distinct serendipity left my landscape photography practice.

The second change followed that first one, as I spent the summer walking around our area without him. I began bringing my DSLR on these shoots, which made me spend more time working on each shot and its formal particularities (exposure, depth of field, composition, etc.). To my eye, the results are a little less dramatic, but the pictures include a great deal more of the incredible value and color range that I see when I encounter these complex landscapes.

Click on each picture to see it in its entirety.