2019 Cortona Skies

I made just over eighty digital photographs of Cortona’s atmospheric spectacles during 2019. Nearly all those pictures were presented in my weekly newsletter, and I think these selections are the best of those.

Compared to my 2017 series, and the 2016 series that preceded it, I think the improvements in this 2019 set are mainly technical. I shot these with a mirrorless camera, so I had more digital “material” to work with. This led me to further my postproduction skills, and develop a more consistent editing method. As a result, I think the pictures present the key elements of the visual experience of these “cloudscapes” with greater clarity.

Beyond that, nothing changed about my practice in 2019. I run or walk around Cortona daily, carrying a camera, keeping an eye on the sky — it always surprises, and never disappoints.

Click on each picture to see it in its entirety.