Working the Angles

2018 | Digital Photographs

I started attaching the description “working the angles” to some of the digital photographs I posted on Instagram because their compositions focus on strong geometric elements. I also like the cheeky allusion to a con artist who “works the angles” of a complicated situation, using questionable methods to gain the upper hand. But I initially did not consider the pictures to be a cohesive group. 

Cortona 4.19.2018
Cortona 4.19.2018, digital photograph, 2018.

Compared to my other digital photographs, these emphasize form over subject. I targeted lines, shapes, and patterns I could use to make interesting two-dimensional compositions. Using a monochromatic palette helped me keep the focus on formal elements — the meanings of the objects or places in these pictures is secondary.

These are a selection of works — click here to view the series in its entirety on Behance.

Roma 2.4.2018 (2)
Roma 2.4.2018 (2), digital photograph, 2018.
Orvieto 2.6.2018
Orvieto 2.6.2018, digital photograph, 2018.
Gubbio 10.20.2018 (2)
Gubbio 10.20.2018 (2), digital photograph, 2018.